There are plenty of diets in the world that preach different perspectives on grains and carbohydrates. The two main perspectives is the low-carb no grain view and then the wholegrain no refined carb view. Widely accepted is the view that refined carbohydrates and sugars are generally found in highly processed foods and it’s best to stay away from these.

But what do traditional diets say? Traditional diets from cultures around the world before the modern revolution of food processing included wholegrains in their diet but were eaten either sprouted or fermented. And indeed, many people struggle to digest wholegrains such as wholegrain wheat, beans or brown rice. Sprouting and fermenting these grains helps break down the antinutrients found in the husks of these wholegrains that may prevent the absorption of nutrients in our stomachs.

If you have trouble eating wholegrains, try sprouting your grains and legumes or fermenting flour in sour dough bread. Here are some helpful links to doing these at home or there are store-bought options of these foods online and at health food or specialty stores.

Sprouting wholegrains:

Sourdough bread recipe:

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By Dr Ivana Low