Feeling tired and sluggish often? Do you have a load of food sensitivities, chronic gut issues and joint pains?

It could be leaky gut. This is where the gut lining has partly lost it’s integrity leaving contents of the gut to leak out causing a lack of absorption of nutrients from your food and immunoglobulins reacting to gut contents leaking out leading to inflammatory reactions.

How to keep a happy gut lining:

-Bone broths – bone broths that have been prepared by simmering good quality bones in water for at least 8 hours is liquid gold for the gut lining. It contains collagen peptides and glycine which is the precursor to glutamine extremely important for healing the gut lining.

-L-glutamine – an l-glutamine supplement may be required to give the gut an extra boost. It usually is combined with pre or probiotics as well as other minerals to support a healthy digestion.

-Breathwork – breathing is an important tool for reducing stress, calming the mind and balancing the Metal element in Chinese Medicine. The Metal element controls taking in and absorbing substances as well as elimination which means it has a direct connection with the gut and bowels.

For supplement and breathwork recommendations, your Chinese Medicine Practitioner will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are also great ways to support the digestion, inflammation and overall health and vitality to treat the whole picture of your health.

By Dr Ivana Low