Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine in Chinese medical traditions have developed over thousands of years of clinical practice treating a vast range of medical conditions as well as to promote overall wellbeing and whole health. Many herbal medicines are incorporated into Chinese cuisine in age-old recipes as well as formulated into decoctions to treat specific conditions. Chinese herbs work on the principle of synergy; taking into consideration the interactions herbs have with each other when consumed together and how it interacts with a person’s constitution and condition. The wisdom and theory behind Chinese herbal formulations have remained consistent whilst the forms for prescription have shifted to suit our modern era.

Chinese herbs come mostly from plant origin: roots, tubers, branches and leaves as well as some from animal products like shellfish or gelatine. Traditionally decocted, we now have in clinic several forms of herbal medicines which are convenient to prepare and consume:

Raw Powders:

These are raw, dried herbs that have been grounded down into powder.

Preparation method: The powder is steeped in hot boiling water for around 5-10 minutes and the liquid is consumed warm.

Granule powders:

These are pre-decocted herbs that have been formed into a granule powder dissolvable in water.

Preparation method: The powder is mixed into hot water and consumed warm.

Patent Pills:

These are manufactured using raw herbs, compressed and may include other binding agents to form pills.

Consumption: These can be swallowed whole with water.

The forms and products we stock in clinic are high quality, potent and TGA approved. We try to source quality products derived as close to the source as possible whilst ensuring ease of administration and convenience for our patients.

Chinese herbal medicine should only be consumed when prescribed by a qualified Chinese medicine practitioner.