Burn Out

  Do you feel tired, exhausted, irritable and less interested in life than you usually are? Have you been going flat out all year and finding your body aches, your mind foggy and your sleep disturbed? Do you find yourself frequently reaching for foods to pick you up, such as sugar and coffee?   This time of year I find many people feel like this. It is a busy time, and many of us have been working hard throughout the

December 20th, 2023|

Needles for Stress: The Calming Benefits of Acupuncture

Stress has become somewhat of a buzzword in today’s society. “Are you stressed?” “Don’t stress” “Life is stressful at the moment”. With all life’s pressures can come burn out, fatigue, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, skin problems, insomnia or a myriad of other symptoms. One of the greatest powers of acupuncture is its ability to mitigate our bodies’ stress responses*. Stress is not merely a mental state; it manifests physically in the body. Acupuncture targets both the physical and mental aspects

December 18th, 2023|

Fatigue – Leaky Gut

Feeling tired and sluggish often? Do you have a load of food sensitivities, chronic gut issues and joint pains? It could be leaky gut. This is where the gut lining has partly lost it’s integrity leaving contents of the gut to leak out causing a lack of absorption of nutrients from your food and immunoglobulins reacting to gut contents leaking out leading to inflammatory reactions. How to keep a happy gut lining: -Bone broths – bone broths that have been

November 29th, 2023|

Flowers and Fruit

My plum tree is flowering. These flowers smell utterly divine. In summer these flowers will transform into big juicy deep purple plums. We will delight in picking them, eating them, sharing them, eating the jam our neighbours make from them.   Now as I watch these flowers from my window, I contemplate the wonder of nature. In winter this tree is bare, its resources deep within, conserving the energy it’s not getting from the sun. In spring it changes, flowers.

November 29th, 2023|

Wholegrains or No Grains?

There are plenty of diets in the world that preach different perspectives on grains and carbohydrates. The two main perspectives is the low-carb no grain view and then the wholegrain no refined carb view. Widely accepted is the view that refined carbohydrates and sugars are generally found in highly processed foods and it’s best to stay away from these. But what do traditional diets say? Traditional diets from cultures around the world before the modern revolution of food processing included

November 27th, 2023|


Do you experience reflux or heartburn, take Nexium or Gaviscon? In most cases, reflux is caused by low stomach acid causing the top sphincter of the stomach to remain open which allows stomach contents to shoot back up the oesophagus where there is no protection from the acid causing the feeling of burn or regurgitation of food. Stomach acid should remain at pH level around 2 – meaning very acidic! Antacids can offer symptomatic relief but can further lower stomach

November 27th, 2023|
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