Feeling a bit prickly? Does your frustration sometimes feel out of balance with the cause? Do you find it hard to smoothly get through challenges that inevitably arise in life?


Our livers are in charge of the free flow of energy in our bodies. When they functioning sub-optimally it can be hard for things to feel easy. We can get ‘stuck’ on things, sometimes everything!


Freeing up the flow of the livers energy in our body enables all organs and body systems to to work better. Emotionally things can flow. Pain is less, digestion better, menstrual cycles easier.


There are several ways to help improve liver health and flow of qi –


-Walk gently in nature



-Eat smaller meals, include a little sour – lemon, sauerkraut etc.

-Drink plenty of fresh warm water throughout the day

-Eat lots of cooked dark leafy greens

-Get regular acupuncture or massage

-Minimise toxins, do a liver detox (with support a practitioner you trust)

-Address underlying causes with counseling


By Dr Nicky Brooks (TCM)