Health of our teens

Teenage girls are suffering more than ever according to statistics. It is not a surprise to me, with an increase in pressures from social media, a society that asks females to be and look a certain way, a mainstream medical system that so often denies females experiences, and during a collective time of so much uncertainty. All this to navigate, during an age of greatest change and instability both physically and emotionally.

However when they are told they are spending too much time on social media, not doing enough of this or that, that their menstrual pain is ‘normal’ so get on with it, this deeply denies their experiences. How then can they feel free to open up, reach out? How can they develop the ability to know themselves, navigate their changes, challenges, traumas? We owe them more than this.

Helping teens have a healthy sense of self or recover from trauma starts with listening to them, validating their experiences and working with their strengths. It involves helping them connect to their bodies in an easy and receptive way, to feel strong within them. Through this gentle connection to self, a natural ability to notice when something doesn’t feel right emerges. This leads to empowerment to make healthy choices and find the right support, which cannot be underestimated. These are skills that need to be learnt, and once developed can continue to empower them into adulthood.

I believe there is infinite potential in all of us, even more tangible in this dynamic age, so alive with possibility. It takes a village to raise resilient, well-rounded humans, and a space free of judgment to allow connection.

If you would like to know more about the unique way in which I work with teenage girls feel free to call the clinic.

Dr Nicky Brooks