An acunap is the extra deep sleep you get in a short period of time during your acupuncture treatment.

It’s a pretty fantastic feeling!

Many patients tell me that they fall asleep during their acupuncture treatment, and when they wake up they:

1) Often forget where they are. Are they at home? Are they supposed to be at work? Did they run away to Bali?

2) Feel groggy in a good way. Like they just had the BEST night of sleep.

3) Feel like they do when they get to sleep in on a Sunday: Happy, peaceful, not worried about anything, totally well-rested.

And then, they often carry that peaceful feeling with them for the rest of the afternoon.

Can’t beat that!

If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, digestive issues, or pain, then acupuncture can really help!

And the acunap is the cherry 🍒 on top!