As the days get colder and cold rain makes us want to stay in bed, the winter has come near right at our doorstep. In Chinese Medicine winter is the season when you conserve and consolidate your energy to get ready for the spring. It is recommended to wake up when the sun comes up and get to bed earlier. Because it is natural for the rhythm of our body to slow down just like the nature follows it’s natural flow.

Winter is the season where we can get easily effected by the cold so let’s have a look at ways it might help us fight off the cold this winter.


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  1. Wear sufficient clothing, keep your neck warm with a scarf. You may have experienced a cold chill running down your back when you start to feel cold and unwell, there is an interesting reasoning for this in terms of Chinese Medicine because there is an acupuncture point called “Wind Gate” right beneath the back of your neck where the cold wind can enter, causing our body to become cold. By keeping this area warm, it can also help to keep our body warm.

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  1. On the 1st day of a cold, boil the roots of the spring onion for about 5~10 mins in water to drink as a tea to fight off the cold. Spring onion, especially the root part has the strong property to expel the cold and disperse the wind by releasing the exterior part of your body to fight off the cold pathogens, and promote the sweating.

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3. Keep your head cool, and your feet warm. When you are sick you often end up getting a fever and headache with heat rising up to the upper part of your body. By keeping the upper part of your body cool and lower part of your body warm it can help regulate the temperature to fight off the cold. Wearing socks to bed can also be beneficial.