To all the mothers out there, here is a brilliant short article that you may relate to.

Exhausted Mums – Have Acupuncture, A Massage at Macleod Melbourne

I know I certainly can, with a crazily energetic daughter about to turn one next week it was a very timely read. With work, study and being a mum I definitely didnt practice enough mindfulness and self care last year. But recently I have slowed down and done some things just for me – like have acupuncture, a massage, walk, a spot of yoga, cooking, some vege gardening and my all time favourite swimming in the ocean. Oh and lots of floor play with Holly and not much house work.

Are you exhausted, run down, not making time for yourself? Be kind to yourself; mentally and physically. Being a mum is a tough calling sometimes. Ask for help and don’t forget about yourself.

I felt like that, too. I was head over heels in love with my daughters, but that didn’t protect me. I had been so determined to be the best mother I could be that…
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