What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a comprehensive bodywork modality using the same theory as acupuncture but offering a very different received experience.

It is an ancient Japanese treatment that is traditionally received fully clothed on a futon, on the floor. If required, it can also be done on a treatment table. Due to the type of gentle pressure and rhythmic flow, the patient drops into deep state of relaxation while simultaneously releasing physical and emotional tension. Like a beautiful, slow yoga session, minus the effort.

To begin with, the practitioner assesses a patient’s pulse before gently connecting with the abdomen to diagnose any imbalances in the meridians of the body. This in itself feels very relaxing, as all touch in Shiatsu is both diagnostic and therapeutic. The practitioner then begins to apply rhythmic and grounding pressure along the particular meridians in need of support or balance.

In line with the principles of yin and yang, where one meridian is in need of support (a lack of vitality or flow) another will need releasing (stagnation or blockage). And thus an elegant treatment picture emerges, allowing a patient to receive a dynamic, whole-body treatment, that restores health and harmony.

Who can benefit from Shiatsu?

  • Children – kids love this fun and dynamic bodywork. I have found it to be a relaxing and grounding experience that sparks their curiosity. They can find connection to, and stillness in their busy bodies.
  • Babies – Developmental Shiatsu is a profound tool in nurturing and guiding healthy growth and development in babies. I love working with babies, and I show parents the sequence so they can do it at home. A beautiful way to build connection and wellbeing in those precious bubs. I enjoyed doing daily shiatsu on my baby so much, as did he!
  • Teenagers – this is where my great passion lies. Teenagers are so wonderful. Most have not yet developed the coping mechanisms that adults have, yet they go through so much change so suddenly. Shiatsu is respite from the outside world and pressures. They get to have a very positive experience that fosters healthy connection, boundaries, stillness and body awareness. I have had my most wonderful professional experiences seeing the transformation in teenagers with Shiatsu.
  • Pregnancy – I find Shiatsu to be a wonderful treatment for this stage in life and in the post-natal stage. Creating space mentally and physically is vital pre and post birth. I also teach birthing partners points they can use to help before and during birth. Trust me, it is lush!
  • Those who are needle phobic – Shiatsu and shoninshin (non-invasive acupuncture) is a safe and effective way to get the benefits of acupuncture without needles.
  • Elderly – Many people in this demographic no longer receive regular touch. Many studies show how beneficial touch is to health and wellbeing. Receiving caring touch and light stretch’s does wonders in this age group, building and maintaining mobility, strength and wellness.