Open Clinic Acupuncture Sessions have been running for sometime now at Renew Acupuncture Clinic in Macleod. Patients love these 30 minute sessions that cost $40 as it makes an acupuncture treatment more accessible for some,  and convenient for those that need regular treatment due to their condition (ie pain, fertility, pregnancy, stress & psycho-emotional conditions). 

Traditionally in China acupuncture is given intensively daily for 10 days as a course of treatment. A faster improvement in your health can be achieved with this momentum in treatment. In China and in many countries around the world this acupuncture is delivered in an open space. It is often called Community Acupuncture or Open Space Acupuncture. As there is no large open space in the clinic, the session has been named Open Clinic Acupuncture. Patients either lay on one of the treatment tables or on a reclining chair, all of the doors are open but each treatment is still private.  

The sessions in the Open Clinic run on a Wednesday from 5-7 pm and on a Friday from 11-1 pm to accommodate a variety of personal and work schedules. Booking is available online via or call 03 9077 7307.